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When will my beer arrive each month?

If the option selected at checkout is “ASAP”, we strive to have the beer will arrive within 6-10 business days (M-F), so long as there aren’t any issues with the payment or delivery address that we are shipping to.


If a specific month is set as the start month, the shipment will arrive within 6-10 business days of the 1st day of that month with few exceptions. All remaining shipments in a gift series will be processed in the middle of the month and will go out for delivery the final two weeks of each month, depending on your location relative to our shipping facility. Shipments can arrive as early as the 16th, and as late as the 30th. It really just depends! We do not guarantee specific delivery dates, charge dates, or days of the week, although we do try to process and have your consecutive shipment(s) arrive around the same time of the month.


When will my beer Greeting Card be delivered?

If you purchased a greeting card, the card will be printed out in our facility within 24 hours and sent out via the US Postal Service from our offices in Santa Barbara. If purchased on a Friday, the card will be printed out the following Monday. Cards will be received within 2-7 days, given the location of the recipient relative to our office here. If your beer order is expedited and you live on the east coast, the card will likely arrive after the beer.


Is there a way to customize what kinds of beers I will receive?


At this time, we do not have the option to customize the monthly beer shipments. If there is a specific style that you do not like (porter, wheat beer, etc.) we can make notes in the account to not feature those styles for you. However, this does mean that if your monthly shipment does include one of those styles, we will skip you that month, unless you are in a less frequent membership option. If you have a prepaid membership we would simply add on another month at the end, and if in an ‘ongoing’ membership we would not bill you or ship anything that month and would resume the following month. However we do invite you to  try out some of those varietals you don’t normally gravitate to-- you might be surprised to find how much you like them!


How do I update my address and/or credit card information?


To access your account page online, simply log in up in the top right corner, and select the “Members” tab. If you are giving this as a gift, hit the “gift history” tab and view the gift. You’ll see a yellow dash mark next to ‘ship to address’ and that’s where you can add a new shipping address, and below that there is a yellow dash mark where you can edit the credit card. If this is something you set up for yourself, you can view your membership on the overview page or on the “my memberships” tab, and change it the same way you would a gift.


Why did my shipment include cans?


Craft Breweries across the nation are producing more award-winning craft beer in cans than ever. Aluminum cans are on the rise in the craft beer movement because they are unbreakable in shipping, airtight, and lightproof. Sunlight infiltrates glass bottles which can leave beer tasting skunky. Air can also creep in through under the metal bottle tops, allowing oxygen to permeate the beer and change the flavor too.


Cans are more eco-friendly and are allowed in many places where glass is actually prohibited, like beaches, lakes, parks, and even sporting venues and concerts. At Craft Beer Club we fully support the vision of each of the breweries that we work with, and up to 4 shipments out of a year.


What if I do not want my craft beer in cans?

We do understand. For whatever reason you would like to strictly receive bottles (or receive only cans!) you won’t hurt our feelings. We respect your preference. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we will add notes to your account to only send you Craft Beer in bottles or cans. If you choose only bottles as an ongoing member we will skip the month when cans are featured. Ongoing members with a cans only preference will ship quarterly.









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